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JDC design and install constructed wetlands (CW) and reed beds (gravel bed hydroponic systems). These systems use natural processes to clean water.


They comprise of bunded earth tanks lined with impermeable membrane and mostly filled with gravels and planted with emergent macrophytes such as Phragmites australis.

Water levels within the constructed wetland system are controlled to assist with plant control and to maintain constant temperature.


To find out more about constructed wetlands in and around the Southern Counties, contact us.

We have designed and installed small systems cleaning fish pond water and brewery wash (30-100,000l/day) to very large systems cleaning factory wash (750,000l/day).


Once cleaned, the water can be recycled and re-used. Constructed Wetlands and reed beds can be added to the tertiary phase of sewage treatment to remove nitrates to very low levels.


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