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Since the beginning of November 2020 JDC environmental Contractors has been engaged in 2 major civils projects installing Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) at two large caravan holiday/residential parks, one situated in Cornwall and the other in West Sussex, together they will treat sewage and wastewater for circa 4000 persons. One of the WWTP has been supplied by Premier Tech and the other by WPL. All pipe work, manholes, reinforcing steels etc have been supplied by either JD Pipes or Keyline. 

Both projects will be completed in March 2021 which is the date the caravan owners return.





New regulations came into effect at the beginning of this year concerning any property with an off-mains sewage disposal system. These regulations (DEFRA Environment Agency "General Binding Rules") apply to all septic tank systems discharging to surface waters such as ditches, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and estuaries. It is not always easy to know whether or not a system complies but, if not, it is now illegal to continue to use such systems. Additionally, if you wish to sell the property at any future date then any work required to comply with these regulations must be carried out prior to completion of the sale. It must be confirmed that the property complies by a certified letter to the prospective purchaser.


We have been designing, installing, repairing and maintaining all types of off-mains sewage systems for the last 25 years. We can, therefore, offer a service to survey existing systems and either supply the required letter confirming compliance with the current regulations or, if not, then quote for any work required to ensure compliance. Should you require us to carry out any resulting work then the cost of inspection will be deducted from the cost of the work.  

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